Marriage And Dubai Car Rental Have More In Common Than You Think

Weve got the latest versions to offer our clients who enjoy and expect world class support. Included in these are hatchbacks, saloon cars, luxury sedans and four wheel drive vehicles in the most dependable and distinguished brands.

UAE RESIDENTS All motorists using a UAE issued Residence or Employment Visa should make a valid, UAE issued driving licence no less than year old.

TOURISTS AND VISITORS Citizens with driving licences in the following countries may drive in the UAE with their foreign licence with a legal visit or tourist visa just. Notice that the initial license should be in precisely the same state because the passport nationality. These nations include

Please note that clients who have drivers licences out of Dubai car rental Japan, Turkey, Greece, and South Korea are requested to give a translation of their drivers licence clinically approved by their various consulate or embassy.

Drivers from countries which arent listed above may rent a car subject to rent a car in Dubai them making a valid International Drivers Permit IDP in addition to a valid overseas drivers license no less than year old.

PASSPORT INFORMATION For all UAE residents, a copy of the passport picture ID page and visa page should be supplied at the time of rental. For visitors and tourists, hop over to these guys a legal UAE entrance visa has to have been stamped in the passport. For residents renting staff G, H, I, L and N automobiles, its compulsory to present the initial passport prior to renting.

METHOD OF PAYMENT A valid credit card in the primary drivers title is required for any vehicle rental. At the time of leasing, an authorisation will be obtained on your credit card based on estimated rental charges and excess. The credit card must have enough credit to cover all charges linked to the rental.

Major credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. We regert that all debit cards arent accepted.

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